How to look Schysst™

It’s not only how we walk but how we talk. Get some inspiration, keep it simple and have fun.

This is our logo

And when we say our, we mean our. Because it’s made by each and every one of us. Just like this company. So yeah, we have over 80+ logos. Use them all. And yeah, it's a lot of work and makes things hard, just like keeping 80+ people happy and motivated is hard. So we feel it’s a good daily reminder.

Make it a pattern

Or make it a tag

Make a mark. Put the logo on top of something pretty. Make sure they know who made it. Make it yours.

Or your signature

Just put it there. right in the corner. Doesn't need to be big. Let the work speak for itself. Hey, who knows… It might be worth something one day.

Our only typeface is Sharp Grotesk Book 20.

It’s all we need. It gets the message across. From tiny to gigantic.

Approach colors with your gut.
We have no colors and all colors.
Use your favorite. Use no colors.
You decide. Be brave.
We are in constant motion.
See where we are right now.

Now tell it to the world.
Download our keynote template.