Our Handbook

We want to be Schysst™. Towards colleagues, employees, managers, customers, suppliers and visitors. There is a shortage of this in our industry, even though it is not only nice but also smart. It makes us happier, less stressed and more profitable. We have fun, get more productive and dare more. We will never settle – we must always keep striving to fully achieve our goal.

First things first

Having a collective agreement (or kollektivavtal in Swedish) is fundamental – it’s a no-brainer for us.

Your sweat turns to gold

Our bodies and minds thrive when we exercise. But with Schysst™ Sweat our wallets thrive as well. Every time you work out you get 50 SEK extra on the paycheck.

With great power comes great responsibility

When you work at full-service agency you get to decide who is visible, when and how. We influence people every day and we take our responsibility seriously – all our projects and campaigns are evaluated from a diversity perspective. Schysst™ Equality doesn’t have a deadline. It’s an ongoing work within all of us. But we also have a dedicated team, with a specific agenda: to be leading in equality and diversity questions in our industry.



Take a stroll – earn 50 SEK

We have developed an app where you can “check-in” during walks to selected destinations around the city. The idea is simple, take a walk whenever you’re stuck in your work and you get an extra 50 SEK on the paycheck. It’s Schysst™ to let everyone clear their mind and get some fresh air every now and then.

We want the best interns – and we pay for it

Internships are the best! Many of us at Oh My started as interns. So naturally, we want to attract the best ones – and we want to pay for it. Our goal is to make the best out of your time here. With your skills and our knowledge, we can move mountains. And hopefully, your internship ends with a full-time job at Oh My.

Let’s vote about it!

At Oh My, everyone’s got a say in how we re-invest our earnings in recreational activities. Do we want five smaller inspirational lectures or do we want one really big one? A trip to France or a hike in the mountains?

Auto-yes to vacations

We don’t close shop during the summer and we never make people work during the holidays. As soon as your team agrees that the dates for your vacation are OK, then the case is closed.

What's your plan?

An annual Fifa tournament, a mandatory anti-stress program or a new recruitment process. We’re building this agency together. Big and small – we encourage all the ideas and initiatives that make us a Schysst™ workplace.